Artist statement

Scientific questions are cultural questions. The same issues can be addressed within different fields of research. Both science and art continuously produce results that have an impact on our worldview. With this in mind, I have throughout my art practice worked with the framework and authority of scientific information and the persuasive aesthetics utilized in the dissemination of it. My aim has been to challenge the viewer’s receptivity to these allegedly objective sources of knowledge and subsequently heighten the awareness of our acceptance of this information as truth. The transient nature of knowledge itself is an aspect I take into account in the development of new projects.

My recent projects investigate the notion, development and influence of the paradigm; a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them. My motive for engaging in this investigation originates from the notion that this activity is a process which seems to gradually and collectively modify our cognitive reality; it influences how we believe the world functions.

In our contemporary time we see a more open and international exchange of knowledge. Different research communities play a role in what can be seen as a knowledge grid, adding up to a whole that constitutes the information society. It is important to take a look at the structures that regulate this knowledge production.